10 weeks away….

Tough mudder is 10 weeks on Saturday, we’re is this year going???

I feel a little more comfortable this week about tough mudder, that’s not to say I’m thinking this will be easy – the absolute opposite actually but I have had a decent week so far 2 good runs and 2 good weight training sessions and have come to the conclusion that all I can do is try my best and if I don’t manage an obstacle at least I have it my best shot, but also realised my best shot means trying harder to train, which is what I’ve done this week. I feel like I’m waffling at the minute so I’ll be back soon with another update 🙂



February is here already…..

I cant believe we are already in to February – January has just disappeared and with being ill last week I feel that I’ve not got any closer to being ready for Tough Mudder. I plan on doing a 5km to break me back in tonight and then going out to Shipley Park at the weekend to try and hit nearer 10km. In my head id like to be doing 10km regular by the end of Feb, 15km by the end of March and 20km by the end of April.

With how quick the year has gone so far and Edwinstowe Endurer being only 4 weeks away it looks like we wont get our warm up run either, but hey ho I’m sure we can make up for it in other ways.

Also a thank you to every one who has donated so far. It is very much appreciated.

I’ll update soon how close I am to doing 10km regularly in February 🙂


Salomon Speedcross 3

Well I’ve finally got my trainers for Tough Mudder, and I can honestly say I am thrilled with them.  They are light, have an immense grip/tread and are so comfy. I can’t wait to go and try these out though it may be a few weeks before I can hit the trail. 

Any ways only wanted to show off my new trainers so please see below 😄



2016 Happy New Year

Well we’re now 5 days into 2016, after the shock of getting burgled just before Christmas, we managed to have a good Christmas break, were I ate and drank too much. Now its all over and reality is back, we have miserable weather, dark mornings, dark nights and insurance companies to contemplate. Whilst thinking about this I then started thinking I’ve not gave any thought to raising any money for Make a Wish since I set up my Just Giving page back a month ago so yesterday I sent some emails out and went on Facebook for the first time in 5 years, and it was definitely worth it – so far in less than 24 hours I have raised £65.00 – I would like to thank the people who so far have donated. I now realise that I have a lot of hard work to do to get in shape for Tough Mudder and with only 20 weeks to do so. Tonight will be the first 5km of the year and it will be interesting to see how I get on. Id like to think it will still be close to 30 minutes but we shall see….



Just a little note to say that our just giving page is now up and running and any donations would be greatly appreciated. We have now started a little light training in preparation – though time seems quite tight at the moment leading up to Christmas. Bren is doing extremely well and was out running on a Friday evening – now that’s commitment for you. I think I will have to hit it hard when we are in the new year.

The link to our page is :


Many Thanks


Who we are and why Tough Mudder


Firstly let me introduce you to who I am – my names Steven and I created the team name the Muddy Avengers when we entered the X runner Water Wipeout event in June of this year (2015), for this run the team was made up of myself, Dean Nicholls, Paul Patterson, John Lupton and Kyle Green.

I found the whole X Runner event a fantastic experience and enjoyed it that much that I immediately started looking at what other events I could compete in, however as I also got married this year in October, the whole OCR thing took a back seat to wedding preparations (which on a side note was the most amazing day of my life). I now have that burning desire to once again take part in a OCR.

After we had crossed the X Runner finish line I was asked why we didn’t do this for charity to which I didn’t really have an answer other than that I never thought about it and it was never suggested, therefore from that moment I new the next time we did something it would have to be for charity.


After looking at the many, many different obstacle runs that are out there I kept coming back to Tough Mudder, there were other runs that looked like they had more fun obstacles – some have drop slides, others have inflatables – but decided that it must be Tough Mudder, whether it is just the brand that appeals or something else I feel like this is one of the runs that I must do. I also like the challenge – I know that as I am today I could not take part in Tough Mudder I am neither fit enough nor strong enough – but the idea of having a target to reach appeals, I know that I will have to work towards it and that goal will give me motivation.

I also like Tough Mudders team ethos and with the Muddy Avengers being a team of friends and family it is a team that I will want to help and who i know will help each other we will not leave any one behind and we will succeed together – it is a challenge we will conquer as a team. Now like the Worlds Mightiest Avengers have roster changes so do the Muddy Avengers – for this run I welcome on board my Dad Chris Barber and brother in law Brendan Collis who will being doing the run alongside Paul and myself. I remain hopeful that my best friend Dean and his brother in law Kyle will add to the team in the new year once Deans son has been born – Dean is to become a father for the first time and his son is due in January, if you read this Dean congratulations we will have to get Josh a “My Dads a Muddy Avenger” t shirt 🙂


Obviously to raise money for a good cause! Our 3 children – I say children they are 14, 16 & 19 and all have birthdays in the next 2 months – have a lot of luxuries but take a lot of it for granted and don’t realise how lucky they. Me and my wife are unable to have any more children due to 2 ectopic pregnancies and having her tubes removed – the second time she was bleeding internally and a few hours longer and it could have been game over. I know I’m going a little of topic here but I just wanted to explain my situation and with not having a single charity we supported over any other we decided to look at what Childrens charities we could support and in all honesty every single one of them is a worthy cause and it is absolutely heart breaking that any child should be dealing with life threatening illnesses therefore we have decided to support the make a wish foundation. This charity grants wishes to enrich childrens lives who are fighting life threatening illnesses. I truly hope that the money we can raise makes a difference to these childrens lives and give them something to look forward to.

Over the coming months and years I will update with how our training is going, the events we enter and the money we raise for charity. I’m not sure how well this flowed but i hope you now know a little about us and why we are doing this. Thanks for Reading.